The Conference.NFT

Leading online event, dedicated to NFT! Kyiv edition on November 27, 2021

NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” have taken the crypto and art markets by storm in 2020, leaving collectors and investors with open mouths. NFTs are digital assets based on the blockchain that give buyers and sellers proof of ownership for unique objects that cannot be replaced by anything else. It can be a painting like the Mona Lisa or an exclusive photo of a person, a building or even a car. Anyone can take a photo of it — but the original will always be unique. Owning the original and not a copy or a screenshot is what makes it truly valuable.

On 27 November 2021, The Conference.NFT at PMHub will unite all artists, investors, marketplaces, developers and celebrities to feel the NFT vibe together! Just a year ago, the concept of buying and selling crypto art via non-fungible tokens would have been laughable! But what trend moves faster than the speed of light of NFTs? Absolutely.

Oliver Meyer and Tassilo Blöchl will be on-site to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of the NFT event. They will be conducting interviews, posting live exciting photos from the NFT event on Twitter, and spreading the vision of

For those who don’t know them yet, the vision of
“NFTaggregator analyses all the digital NFT relevant content & indicators of its registered NFT creators to achieve a confident NFT rating through its algorithm to help NFT buyers make an easy, fast and informed investment decision.”

The event program features exclusive reports from industry leaders, heated panel discussions, workshops, and much more. The virtual gallery, outstanding NFT performances and many exclusive things like NFTs being presented by world-class stars will surprise everyone. Don’t worry, you won’t go home without a pre-sale auction! The event is organized with the support of a marketplace. No prior experience is required, just bring your enthusiasm and curiosity.

According to the organizers, their primary goal is to create an affordable event, attract young artists and explain in a simple way how digital art can open new frontiers. Therefore, they have decided to keep the prices incredibly low. For example, there will be special offers for students from art schools. Each student will receive a 50% discount on their participation in the event.

The online edition of The Conference.NFT goes beyond that!

Speakers include:

Philip Mostert, SpaceSeven CMO

Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, CEO, Tacans Group

Andrey Velikiy, CEO Apyswap Foundation, Co-founder

Nazar Polyvka, Partner at 001.consult

Shirokov Konstantin, crypto-combat evangelist

Vadym Hrusha, CEO & co-founder of Trustee Wallet

Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman, Concordium Foundation

Stephan van Kuyk, CEO Artists Stop Being Poor, CMO METAWALLS Berlin

Ulka Mak, NFT inventor/digital graffiti artist

Eugene Romanenko, crypto-emcee, Web3 promoter, content creator

Oleksii Chusov, Founder,

Dmitry Kornilov, CEO, co-founder of FFFACE.ME

Nick Vasilich, Head of ONEruDAO, Harmony Protocol

Yaroslav Kozhukhov, Metis Community Director

Aida Dzhanhirova, managing partner at Blockchain Art

Ivan Paskar, Binance marketing manager

Aleksandra Artamonovskaya, founder of Electric Artefacts

Anna Avetova, curator and founder of Tuasho art agency

Sergiy Melnychenko, photographer, founder and curator of the School of Conceptual and Artistic Photography MYPH

Aleks Lozovyuk, CTO at CoinIndex, founder of the game NFT LastValue

Rev Miller, co-founder, head of growth at Atlantis World

Vladyslav Bilotskyi, Business Partner at Juscutum, Head of IP&Data Privacy




We analyzes the content & indicators from our NFT creators to achieve a confident NFT rating through our algorithm to help NFT buyers make an easy investment.

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We analyzes the content & indicators from our NFT creators to achieve a confident NFT rating through our algorithm to help NFT buyers make an easy investment.

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